Wednesday 16 September 2015

Series 7 - 3. It's Good to Talk

Just for one fleeting moment it looks as though Dr Ellingham is going to crack a smile.

Not, obviously, because Dermot the pig farmer has presented himself with a nasty skin infection on his leg. Nor is it because the irascible doc is still being stalked by an adorable stray dog and Mrs Tishell from the pharmacy.

And obviously he’s not happy because Melanie (The Enfield Haunting’s Rosie Cavaliero), the jokey jolly DJ on Radio Portwenn is pestering him to do a radio interview for her Healthy Eating Week. Actually she’s so desperate to fill airtime that she even asks the hapless Al on to talk about his fishing holiday business.

No. That minuscule muscle twitch around his mouth is because his dramatic radio broadcast brings him one painfully tiny step closer to repairing his marriage.

Found HERE at Radio Times.

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