Tuesday 8 September 2015

Doc Martin series 7 premiere review: Martin Clunes’s Dr is in therapy!

Doc Martin is quite an unassuming programme which rakes in the audiences whilst doing very little at all. However millions of people seem to love seeing Martin Clunes doing his grumpy routine and the audience will be very happy to learn that not much about the show has really changed.
In fact the only change in this first episode was the fact that Doctor Ellingham’s wife Louisa had scarpered off to Spain with their son leaving him alone once again. This first episode’s central narrative was the fact that Martin was desperately waiting for a call from Louisa even though he hadn’t heard from her in the three weeks since she’d arrived in Spain. In the meantime we follow him around as he looks forlorn, constantly checks his phone and barely sleeps even though he can’t admit to anybody else that he misses his family. One sacrifice he is seemingly willing to make is to see a therapist and one is eventually recommended to him via his Aunt Ruth. However, due to one calamity or another, he ends up cancelling one appointment and almost missing another. When we finally meet Martin’s new therapist Dr Rachel Timoney it appears as if the grouchy doctor may have met his match in this feisty young woman. I’m personally already anticipating the sessions between Martin and Rachel primarily due to the fact that the the therapist is played by the fantastic Emily Bevan.

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