Sunday 6 September 2015

Martin Clunes: 'Doc Martin knows he needs to make a change if he wants to fix things'

Want an idea of just how popular ITV’s Doc Martin is? When the Cornwall-based drama about a curmudgeonly doctor advertised for extras in the local Port Isaac press, more than 800 people showed up.

In the giant queue, which snaked around the local church hall, there were no fewer than 150 babies in prams and pushchairs eager to be chosen for the role of the doctor’s 11-month-old son, James Henry. That is one well-loved show!

Over six series, Doc Martin has averaged nine million viewers a week in the UK and star Martin Clunes, who plays the lovable yet grumpy medic, has won himself an army of die-hard fans.

Calling themselves “Clunatics”, they lavish gifts on the cast and crew to underline just how much they love the drama. “They are a group of Doc Martin fans who keep thanking us for helping them to make great friendships with other fans around the world.

They Skype each other,” explains Martin, 53, who has played the role for 11 years. “When episodes go out, they have discussions on it, and when there are no episodes going out, they have more discussions.

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