Monday 7 September 2015

Doc Martin's family life is all at sea in seventh series of popular drama

We’re back in the Cornish village of Portwenn for a seventh series of the perennially popular drama led by Martin Clunes.

And there’s a distinct cloud over the doctor – down to the fact that his wife Louisa has taken herself and their son James off to stay with her mother in Spain and he currently has no idea when – or if – they’re coming back. Something which most of the town are happy to wind him up about.

Deciding to take action, Martin goes to see his aunt Ruth and ask for her help in finding a therapist. Louisa has told the permanently angry physician that he’s got to get some help and so that’s what he’s promised to do.

We would normally pity the poor person who ends up with him as a client, but – as we discover by the end of the episode – the rather attractive Dr Rachel looks like she’ll be able to handle him.

At the practice, Martin is dealing with former lifeboat hero Steve who needs to pass a medical to get back out to sea and re-create his famous rescue and impress the film crew which is in town for the anniversary.

But after coercing a colleague into helping him fake his fitness, the wannabe macho man ends up needing rescuing himself when he takes the lifeboat out for a drill, passes out cold at the wheel and crashes spectacularly on to shore.

And his unlikely life-saving heroine?

None other than Martin’s ditsy receptionist Morwenna, who has clearly picked up more than just colds while she’s been working for him…

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