Friday 30 October 2015

Caroline Catz: 'Even though Louisa and Doc Martin love each other it may not be sensible to have a relationship'

Caroline Catz reveals it’s make or break time for Doc Martin and Louisa in the final episode of the Cornish comedy-drama on Monday.

Caroline, who plays Louisa, told What's on TV: “Louisa and the Doc (Martin Clunes) have been on big journey in their relationship during this series. Then, true to Doc Martin, there’s a mad, interesting and insane situation that takes them on this other journey!”

What’s on TV can reveal things take an unexpected turn in the Ellingham’s relationship when Mrs Annie Winton, played by Gemma Jones, kidnaps the Doc!

The Doc’s priorities quickly change from his relationship to survival when a house call to Annie Winton (Gemma) turns nasty. Terrified of husband Jim dying from his malignant tumour Annie demands Doc treats Jim at home so he doesn’t have to go to hospital. 

Meanwhile, Louisa is left wondering why her estranged husband hasn’t turned up for their make-or-break dinner…

But while everyone else thinks the Doc has done a runner, Louisa isn’t so sure. She enlists the help of Pc Penhale (John Marquez) and retraces Martin’s steps to the Winton farm, where Annie’s got her gun!

Will it be curtains for the couple, one way or the other?

Caroline explained: ‘Martin has this great integrity. He’s a real anti-hero in a way, and has his own quirky charisma, which Louisa loves.

“She puts up with him because he’s a kind, considerate person who finds it really difficult to express himself. But even though they love each other it may not be sensible for them to have a relationship.”

The final episode of Doc Martin screens on ITV, Monday, November 2 at 9pm.

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Thursday 29 October 2015

Nicholas Lumley in Doc Martin

I had a coffee this morning with charming Hungerford actor Nicholas Lumley to find out what his experience was like acting in the popular Doc Martin series with Martin Clunes.

“The casting call was for an eccentric old farmer with an accent based loosely in the West country. At the audition the director told me just to ‘talk pirate’. I was delighted to get the part, as there is always lots of competition.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the sun always shines in Doc Martin. This is deliberate – any grey skies are edited out in post-production. This creates a holiday destination atmosphere on set even when it is wet and windy filming.

Caroline and I had a lovely stay for four days in The Slipway Hotel in Port Isaac opposite the harbour. The hotel is always in the episodes, besides Mrs Tickle chemist shop – which in real life is a sweety gift shop that sells Doc Martin souvenirs. Most of the filming takes place at a farm near the town.

I was asked if I minded having the caravan on the farm as a dressing room. It wasn’t very big but Sigourney Weaver had used it the week before…(she had met Martin on a chat show and asked to be in the series which is very popular in the States). The doctor surgery and most of the interiors have been constructed in a large barn on this farm.

I have long been a fan of Martin Clunes so it was a delight to meet him. He came and introduced himself when I was in make-up having my prosthetic goitre put on (which took an hour). Despite his on-screen grumpy character, Martin is always charming and funny.

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TV Times Cover

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Doc Martin's Caroline Catz can't control her laughter after dipping her head into bucket of cold water while filming chilly scenes on Brighton beach

She's in the middle of filming a brand new season of much-loved British comedy-drama Doc Martin.

And it looked as though Caroline Catz wasn't going to be forgetting her Tuesday on set in a hurry as the star shot some chilly scenes on Brighton Beach. 

Despite the harrowing temperatures along the British coastline, the 45-year-old star was seen dipping her head into a bucket of cold water as the cameras rolled. 

Attempting to shield herself from the cold, the actress sported a palm print wet suit top, skinny jeans and knee-high black boots.

Though her chilly ordeal clearly called for an extra layer as a female companion was seen helping the British star cover up beneath a long blue puffer jacket, while her wet brunette locks were wrapped into a towel. 

Fortunately, Caroline appeared to see the funny side as she laughed incessantly while walking along the pebbled beach.   

Before her damp tresses were hidden beneath a towel, Caroline was sure to set tongues wagging as she leaned over and ran her fingers through the ends of her hair.

Meanwhile, the mother-of-two previously opened up about her role on the popular TV series, and insisted that it's one of the best projects she's ever done.  

'There is no reason in the world not to do this job. It’s too good and too much fun not to,’ she told You magazine in September.

The show sees Caroline star as headteacher Louisa Martin, the wife of the strangely lovable Doctor Martin Ellingham, played by Martin Clunes.

Continuing to gush about the show, the star said: 'For me, one of the appeals of Doc Martin is that it inhabits an entirely credible make-believe world with its own rules, sense of time, space and even fashion.

‘It’s a bit like Narnia, or even at times The Prisoner! There’s this amazing, expansive landscape, which feels so free and open, yet you’re constantly drawn back to the epicentre of the village, where you can’t even blow your nose without everyone knowing about it. And you can’t get away, no matter how hard you try,’ she continued.
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Wednesday 28 October 2015

9:00pm, Monday, 2 November 2015, ITV

It's make or break for Portwenn's most meant-to-be couple tonight as they face their future in a tense and gripping episode. Deciding they can't bear another second of couples therapy, Martin and Louisa vow to make a final decision about their relationship over dinner. But a couple of unhinged villagers have other ideas and Martin is held at gunpoint as a worried wife (Gemma Jones) demands a more optimistic prognosis for her terminally ill husband. Clearly Martin is unamused and incredulous. Can he talk some sense into her before Louisa gives up on their marriage? It might be a while till another series of Doc Martin – please give us a happy ending, Mr Clunes!

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The Impossible Dream

From this week's TV Times Magazine. A very big thank you to SR for the scan.
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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Episode 8 - The Doctor is Out - Trailer

Series 7 - 8. The Doctor is Out (Same SPOILER content, different SPOILER picture)

Louisa worries Dr Timoney's suggestion that she and Martin aren't meant to be together might have prompted him to leave Portwenn for good. Calling on Ruth, Morwenna and Janice for help, she tries to track the down the missing GP, with no luck. However, what Dr Ellingham's friends and family fail to realise is that he is actually trapped up at the Winton farm, where desperate wife Annie is trying to coerce him into performing a life-saving operation on her terminally ill husband Jim. Meanwhile, Ruth and Bert seek out Al to offer him a proposition regarding the whisky and the B&B. Medical drama, starring Martin Clunes. Last in the series.

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Sigourney Weaver on Doc Martin, ITV, review: 'bizarre'

The cosy and sometimes idyllic world of Doc Martin (ITV) often throws up peculiar scenarios, none more so than a cameo appearance by the star of the Alien film franchise, Sigourney Weaver. Playing an American tourist searching for her family roots in Cornwall, and for a prescription-only medicine from the local chemist, her encounter with Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) in the latest episode wasn’t so much enigmatic as evanescent – and verged on the bizarre.

She appeared from nowhere, announced her name, Beth Traywick, to pharmacist Mrs Tishell (to which Mrs T, somewhat bafflingly in the circumstances, replied: “Yes, I know”) and proceeded to act out the sort of clich├ęs of transatlantic boorishness that we haven’t really associated with American tourists since the Seventies. Sadly, Beth’s medical complaint didn’t involve anything as eye-catchingly dramatic as an evil alien parasite living in her gut. It was mild asthma instead, and after another pointlessly waspish encounter with the Doc she was gone. We can only hope her donation of a book on radical feminism to receptionist Morwenna (Jessica Ransom) might yet prove fruitful. 

Apart from that, the episode wended its whimsical way with typical aplomb. The story was bracketed by Martin and Louisa’s (Caroline Catz) encounters with their marriage counsellor, psychiatrist Dr Timoney (Emily Bevan), who herself went doolally after hurting her head in a car accident.

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Alien’s Sigourney Weaver turned up in Doc Martin and people couldn’t believe it

As TV cameos go, Sigourney Weaver popping up in ITV’s Doc Martin is up with there with the weirdest.

The Alien star appeared in Martin Clune’s comedy series about a brilliant surgeon who moves to a sleepy Cornish village after he develops a fear of blood.

He’s probably not a fan of Alien then.

Sigourney played an American tourist Beth Traywick who stops by the Doc’s practice to get treatment while on her travels.

Needless to say, Twitter was stupefied.

Check out the Tweets HERE at the Metro site.

Doc Martin meets Sigourney Weaver as Alien star appears in BBC drama - best TV cameo ever?

Just what is Ripley doing in Cornwall?

Monday night's Doc Martin saw Sigourney Weaver make a superb cameo in the British comedy-drama.

The Hollywood A-lister, who is known for her role as Ellen Ripley in the Alien movies, turned up as American tourist Beth Traywick in the ITV programme.

The grumpy doctor, played by Martin Clunes, didn't even crack a smile despite being asked to by Weaver's character.

It seems while travelling the world Beth need to stop in the seaside town to get patched up by Doc Martin.

It wasn't long before his British manner was lost on her.

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Episode 8 - The Doctor is Out (SPOILERS!! SPOILERS!!)

As we reach the final episode in Series 7, Martin finds himself in a very unusual situation: trapped by Annie Winton, who desperately wants him to try and save her husband, Jim Winton, despite Jim having been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Annie insists that there must be something that Martin can do to help. Meanwhile, Ruth and Bert have a proposition to put to Al, regarding the whisky and the B&B. Louisa is very worried about Martin, and wonders if the breakdown of their therapy could have led him to decide to leave Portwenn for good. She calls on Morwenna, Janice and Ruth for help, but none of them have seen Martin. Penhale drives Louisa up to the Winton Farm, where despite Annie trying to persuade them otherwise, they discover Martin. Now reunited with Louisa, Martin manages to eventually find Jim and perform a life‐saving operation on him. But is it too late for Martin and Louisa to also save their marriage?

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Catz out of the bag on Doc Martin

CAROLINE Catz is frequently asked why her character tolerates Doc Martin’s grumpy manner. “People say to me ‘why does she put up with him’. She puts up with him because she loves him, and he’s a really kind and considerate person who finds it really difficult to express himself, “ she says.

“You know he is good because you can see the way he is, and he has this great integrity. He is a real anti-hero in a way, in a great way. He has his own quirky charisma which she loves. I think it is interesting watching these two people try and be together. They are obviously attracted to one another. It is not sensible for them to have a relationship, but they love one another and that is a really common story. You see it all over the place. How many people are perfectly matched in every way?”

The Doc has been seeking the help of a psychotherapist to try to solve his problems and make their marriage work. But tonight Louisa is asked to join other couples in therapy sessions.

"This is quite funny because Dr Timoney (Emily Bevan) is a very good therapist and gets underneath what is really going on between the two of them, and I think that will be really satisfying for the audience.”

The production had worked with a real couples therapist, who had studied the characters and the dynamic between them, before writing the scripts.

“What we learn from this series is that they are probably going to drive each other mad for ever more. They do love each other very much. They go on a big journey in their relationship and with what is going to happen to them. Then true to the series there are so many mad, interesting and insane situations that take them on this other journey as well. All the things that Dr Timoney unearths all connect up. It’s not like we find out new information. It is all information we have heard before in previous episodes: a little bit about her dad, a bit about her mum.

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John Marquez: ‘Having Sigourney Weaver on Doc Martin is wonderful!’

Eyebrows were raised when Alien star Sigourney Weaver was rumoured to be appearing in Cornish comedy Doc Martin. But, despite the odds, the rumour turned out to be true and we can watch the Hollywood superstar in a madcap episode tonight (ITV, October 26)!

It’s also a big episode for Pc Penhale, who has a life-changing decision to make when he’s paid an unexpected visit by Inspector Salter (Little Britain’s Steve Furst), who’s come to offer him a new job in Exeter…

Speaking about having both Sigourney Weaver and comedian Steve Furst on the show, John Marquez, who plays Penhale, said: “Having Alien star Sigourney Weaver on the show is wonderful! I also do a few scenes with Steve Furst, who I’ve admired for years.

“I can’t say if Penhale will stay in Portwenn. He asks everyone what he should do - but most people don’t care! Doc Martin and Bert are particularly harsh to him.”

While Penhale runs around Portwenn trying to make up his mind, Sigourney Weaver plays an American tourist determined to get medication without a prescription.”

The episode also stars Gemma Jones (Spooks) and Kelly Adams (Hustle) and airs on ITV on Monday, October 26 at 9pm.

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TV Pick of the Day: Doc Martin, ITV, October 26

As with most picturesque Cornish seaside towns, Portwenn is no stranger to visitors. Over the past few years, the fishing village which Martin Ellingham calls home has welcomed the likes of Ben Miller, Chris O'dowd and most recently Caroline Quentin.

However, even the busy streets of Portwenn real-life alter-ego, Port Isaac, have probably never witnessed such a throng of stars. Not only do British talent Kelly Adams (Mr Selfridge) and Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones' Diary) grace the narrow streets tonight, there is also a cameo role from Hollywood A-lister Sigourney Weaver (Aliens). Doc Martin star Martin Clunes revealed that Weaver was a big fan of the comedy drama and jumped at the chance of featuring in some small way. Tonight she briefly plays an American tourist who bumps into the grumpy medic. It's no wonder he's in that mood either.

The doctor and Louisa (Caroline Catz) receive an intriguing invitation from Dr Timoney (Emily Bevan) to attend additional therapy sessions. This aspect of the current series has provided laughs and insightful moment in abundance, and it is pleasing to realise the cast have enjoyed those scenes as much as we have.

Catz revealed: "You really do feel like you are in the session, and you go to the heart of what Dr Timoney is trying to tease out of both of them and you can see how difficult it is for them to deal with it. It is putting them in extreme and uncomfortable situations which makes it feel fresh."
For once though, it seems Dr Timoney may be on the receiving end of assistance when she is involved in a car accident outside the school. Inside the building there is trouble of a different kind when the new art teacher (guest-star Adams) angers Louisa with her rather unorthodox methods.

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Monday 26 October 2015

Martin Clunes on Jonathan Ross

Is Sigourney Weaver in Doc Martin the weirdest TV cameo ever?

It may be odd, but from Prince in New Girl to Boy George on The A-Team, there have been many unusual pairings.

If the thought of Alien’s Ripley storming through the sleepy Cornish village of Portwenn is enough to send the sickly locals running for the hills, then they had better lock their doors because Sigourney Weaver is set to appear in Monday evening’s episode of ITV drama Doc Martin. Weird? Yes. Unusual? No. When it comes to cameos, stranger is better, as these classics prove …

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Sunday 25 October 2015

Doc Martin meets Ripley: Alien star Sigourney Weaver rocks up in Cornwall

How did A-list actor Sigourney Weaver end up spending the summer in Cornwall filming with Martin Clunes? 

It’s the quintessential gentle British comedy-drama, filmed on location in Cornwall in the village of Port Isaac and full of local colour and characters, which is why viewers of ITV’s Doc Martin, may be left rubbing their eyes at the sight of A-lister Sigourney Weaver fetching up as an assertive, argumentative tourist for a surprise guest appearance alongside Martin Clunes in tomorrow’s episode.

The key to this unlikely cameo is Selina Cadell, the jobbing English actress who plays the role of Doc Martin’s village pharmacist Sally Tishell – who also happens to be Sigourney’s best friend of 42 years. Instrumental in persuading her world-famous buddy to join the cast she laughs: “You can’t imagine many American stars fitting into Doc Martin; and the great worry at first was, 'Will she need a trailer?’ 

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Saturday 24 October 2015

Martin Clunes: 'I fell off my chair twice during Sigourney Weaver's Doc Martin cameo'

SIGOURNEY WEAVER'S appearance in Doc Martin was such an extraordinary cameo that even Martin Clunes himself couldn't quite believe it was happening. 

The actress fled Hollywood for a small part in the ITV drama – which is set in Cornwall - earlier this year after a small chance meeting with Martin on The Jonathan Ross Show last year.

Martin, who plays the titular lead in the show, appears on Wossy's show again this weekend where he reveals it was thanks to Jonathan that Sigourney came to him for a part.

“I came on here to plug Arthur and George and Sigourney Weaver was here who I’d never met," recalled the 53-year-old actor. "She said ‘Oh I’ve watched every episode of Doc Martin…’

"It turns out, she is best friends with Selina Cadell - they were students together - who plays Mrs Tishell, our chemist and so that’s why she’d been watching."

By a stoke of luck, Martin was joined by his wife and producer of the series Philippa Braitehwaite, 51, when the Academy Award-winning star came running for a part.  

Martin added: "My wife, was here afterwards and Sigourney said, ‘Oh can I be in it?’ and she said, ‘OK alright’.

"We wrote a part for an American tourist and thought let’s wait and see if she likes it… and everything fell into place and over she came with her husband, Jim, and she was brilliant, she was really nice, the crew were so excited, so excited, I fell off my chair twice!”

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Friday 23 October 2015

Doc Martin's Selina Cadell: 'Mrs Tishell isn't having any of Sigourney Weaver's Cornish roots!'

Monday's Doc Martin (ITV) features one of the most unusual guest star TV appearances ever, when Sigourney Weaver turns up in Portwenn playing a brash American tourist. Her longtime friend, Selina Cadell (who plays Mrs Tishell), explained to TV Times how it came about and where they first met... 

How did you become friends with Sigourney Weaver?
“I met her in 1974 when she came over to visit an American friend who was living over here, who I also knew. We all hung out together, and she had such a ball that she stayed for three months. We were young actresses and spent a lot of time laughing and going to the theatre. We’re very close – we’ve spent Christmas together with our families and we work together a lot – we coach each other on our acting projects.”

How did her Doc Martin cameo come about?
“She knew I was in Doc Martin, but I never asked her to watch it. Suddenly it caught on in America and Sigourney watched it and adored it and when she came over to promote a film in February, by chance she went on The Jonathan Ross Show with Martin Clunes and asked him if she could be in Doc Martin. Then they were both funny about it – neither could believe the other one meant it – and so I brokered the deal.”

What can you tell us about Sigourney’s character?
“She plays a brash American tourist who walks into Mrs Tishell’s tiny chemist, imagining she’s going to get some kind of big welcome because she says she has Cornish roots, but Mrs Tishell isn’t having any of it.”

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Thursday 22 October 2015

The Doctor is Out

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Facta Non Verba

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Series 7 - 8. The Doctor is Out (SPOILERS!! SPOILERS!!)

8/8. Louisa worries Dr Timoney's suggestion that she and Martin aren't meant to be together might have prompted him to leave Portwenn for good. Calling on Ruth, Morwenna and Janice for help, she tries to track the down the missing GP, with no luck. However, what Dr Ellingham's friends and family fail to realise is that he is actually trapped up at the Wilton farm, where desperate wife Annie is trying to coerce him into performing a life-saving operation on her terminally ill husband Jim. Meanwhile, Ruth and Bert seek out Al to offer him a proposition regarding the whisky and the B&B. Medical drama, starring Martin Clunes. Last in the series.

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'He's just so wrong': A chat with Martin Clunes, star of 'Doc Martin'

Martin Clunes is the star and co-steward of "Doc Martin," a popular and personally beloved British import (from the commercial network ITV) about a big-city doctor whose life becomes enmeshed, to his ongoing discomfort, with the people of Portwenn, a Cornish fishing village. (He retreats there when a suddenly acquired fear of blood interrupts his surgical career.) The show's seventh season is now streaming domestically via Acorn TV and will come to American public television early next year -- KCET will carry it locally, beginning Jan. 14.

It is a comedy of extreme frustration, in which Clunes' Dr. Ellingham, highly competent at his job and self-defeating in life, nevertheless manages to fall in love, with Caroline Catz's schoolteacher Louisa, have a child and marry, in that order. (There are many other characters, each frustrated and frustrating in his or her own way.) This has happened at a glacial pace and with many excruciating detours -- a pace slowed further by the fact that, though the events of one season lead more or less straight into the events of the next, the show now appears only every other year. Martin and Louisa's son, James, born in a 2011 episode, is still a baby.

That on-off, schedule, which involves both Clunes and his producer wife, Philippa Braithwaite, has been adopted in order to not unduly disturb either the life of their daughter or that of Port Isaac (Port Wenn in the series), where the show films; its global success, which has also generated native adaptations in several other countries, has turned the town into something of a tourist destination. It's also because, Clunes says, "We'd never get the scripts in shape in any less time. It's not an easy show to write. However much time is never enough."

I spoke to the actor recently, transatlantically by telephone. Though the character he plays on television is serious to a fault, Clunes himself is a cheery sort who finds amusement everywhere; indeed, he can barely speak for laughing. (An earlier conversation, from 2012, can be found here.)

It's your show, you're somewhat in charge of the character. But to what degree is he in charge of you?
That's a good question. I can tell off the page just reading it to myself when scripts come in and somebody's just gauged it wrong. Like if he apologizes, or uses the F-word -- we don't go there. It sounds so wanky to say he lives, but I'm also very aware that I'm motivated by a huge desire to fall over and walk into things to make people laugh.

You do get into a groove, which is great, when you get to act with the same people a lot. Like with, Caroline Catz -- it's like a duet, you're like a duo jamming together.

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9:00pm, Monday, 26 October 2015, ITV

Portwenn has a visitor – but Martin has other things on his mind…

Hollywood comes to Cornwall as Alien star Sigourney Weaver makes a very special guest appearance in tonight's episode! Fan of the show Sigourney plays an assertive American who doesn't take too kindly to the doc's unique charms. Martin's got more pressing problems than indignant tourists, though. His chatty new neighbour insists on encouraging her daughter's terrible (and loud) violin practice, and therapy reaches a distressing crossroads when it's suggested that Martin and Louisa should accept their separation and move on. Meanwhile, Pc Penhale is flattered when he’s offered a transfer to Exeter, but surely he wouldn't leave Janice and Portwenn? Or would he?

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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Episode 7 - Facta Non Verba - Monday 26th October, 9pm ITV

Portwenn gets a little taste of Hollywood this week as Sigourney Weaver makes a cameo appearance alongside the nation’s grumpiest doctor in Facta Non Verba, episode seven of the current series. After Martin (Martin Clunes) and Louisa (Caroline Catz) tell Dr Timoney (Emily Bevan) about their failed date night, she questions their compatibility and asks if it is time for them to recognise that perhaps they are not meant to be together. The arrival of some new neighbours – Erica (Kelly Adams), the new art teacher at Portwenn school, and her daughter Bernie (Beatrice Playfoot-Orme) causes mixed reactions. Louisa’s initial joy at having found a permanent teacher proves short-lived when Erica wants to try out some alternative ideas on the children. Martin discovers that his new neighbour is noisy, accident prone and thinks nothing of calling on the doctor next door. Penhale (John Marquez) is happy to finally see his crime-stopping talents recognised when he manages to protect everyone after a car accident outside the school, but is torn when he is offered a transfer to Exeter - particularly as this will mean leaving Janice (Robin Addison) behind. With his whisky dream lying in tatters, Bert (Ian McNeice) decides to go back to something he knows. He reverts to being a handyman, but is disheartened once again when his first customer, Erica, has an accident.

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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Doc Martin Series 7 Episode 7 - Facta Non Verba - Trailer

Series 7 - 7. Facta Non Verba

Sigourney Weaver makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo when she strides into Portwenn’s chemist. An American tourist with ancestral connections to Cornwall, she wants to buy eye-drops to treat her glaucoma, so inevitably she meets Dr Ellingham. “Your accent is very thick. I can’t understand what you’re saying,” he snaps when she suggests a smile would help. Maybe his curmudgeonly manner is the reason for the brevity of her visit.

Another new arrival is young teacher Erica (Kelly Adams), who upsets the children with her unorthodox approach to art. When she’s not fainting, that is. Meanwhile, Martin and Louise are still having marriage counselling with Dr Timoney (who’s behaving rather strangely herself) and there’s a real “ahhhh” moment when Joe is offered a transfer to the big city. Well, to Exeter. Will anyone care if he goes or if he stays?

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Series 7, Episode 7 - Facta non Verba

After Martin and Louisa tell Dr Timoney (Emily Bevan) about their failed date night, she questions their ultimate compatibility. She asks them if it is time they recognise that perhaps they are not meant to be together: something for them to go and think about.  
Martin has new neighbours: Erica the new art teacher at Portwenn school has moved in with her daughter, Bernie. Though Louisa is happy to finally have found a permanent teacher, this proves to be short-lived when Erica wants to try out some rather alternative ideas on the children. 
PC Penhale (John Marquez) manages to protect everyone after a car accident outside the school, and Louisa is very surprised when the victim of the crash turns out to be Dr Timoney.  
Penhale is happy to finally have his crime stopping talents recognised, but is confused when he is offered a transfer to Exeter, particularly as this will mean leaving Janice behind, even though he hasn’t quite managed to ask her out yet. 
Martin discovers that his new neighbour is both noisy and rather accident prone, and thinks nothing of calling on the doctor next door.  
Bert (Ian McNeice), his whisky dream now in tatters, decides to go back to something he knows, and becomes a handyman. But even this doesn’t really prove worthwhile, when his first customer, Erica, has an accident, and he has to call Martin in to help.  Louisa and Martin are intrigued when Dr Timoney invites them for an additional therapy session – she might just have worked out an answer to the question of their relationship. And an American tourist seeks help from the Doc. 
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Saturday 17 October 2015

Doc Martin episode six: Louisa’s ex meddles in her relationship with Martin

Doc Martin is back on Monday October 19 after a break for the Rugby World Cup, as poor Martin and Louisa continue to struggle with their marital problems.

Dr Timoney suggest the couple go back to the beginning of their relationship and try to remember what they first loved in each other by planning a date, but their busy lives – and James Henry’s first birthday party – seem to get in the way.

And there’s something else that gets in the way too: Louisa’s ex boyfriend Danny (Tristan Sturrock) suddenly pops up, when he turns up on a camping trip with seven children, planning to stay on Ruth’s farm.

They need some local children to show them round – and Louisa feels obliged to help out her former flame out, even though this is the last thing she needs just now.

And things get even more troubling with Danny sticks his oar in and tries to help Louisa and Martin to work through their marital issues. Uh oh...

It's not just Martin and Louisa having problems this week though. Things are going rather well for Clive and Mrs Tishell after their reunion, until she invites him back into the bedroom, with disastrous consequences!

Throw in a missing child, PC Penhale’s furious discovery of Bert’s unlicensed whisky venture, and a health scare at James’s party, and you can expect another hilarious episode of Doc Martin.

Tune in at 9pm on Monday October 19 to see the next episode of Doc Martin on STV.

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Thursday 15 October 2015

Series 7 - 6. Other People's Children

I’m not sure that Dr Ellingham needed to do all those years of medical training. I’ve done absolutely none and I can usually diagnose what’s wrong with his patients before he does. Perhaps he’s a bit preoccupied, what with Louisa’s old flame Danny arriving in Portwenn with a coach-load of disadvantaged kids for a camping trip. Surprisingly for such an emotionally stunted person, Martin seems to be a teensy bit jealous when Danny starts flirting with “Lou”.

Meanwhile down at the pharmacy Clive is getting anxious about his marital duties and, as the Doc won’t help him with “some of them little blue pills”, he decides to self-medicate. That’s never a good idea, Clive. Look at what happened to Caroline Quentin’s veterinary character. She went barking mad – almost literally.

About this programme

6/8. Louisa helps out her ex-boyfriend Danny when he brings seven children from London to camp on Ruth's farm - supervised by Al and Bert - while she and Martin plan a date on the advice of Dr Timoney. However, their night at the restaurant is interrupted when Danny calls saying one of the youngsters has gone missing. Things get worse for the couple when Martin uncovers a health scare at James's first birthday party that makes all the guests leave very quickly. Comedy drama, starring Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz.

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Series 7 - 7. Facta Non Verba

7/8. Louisa is not best pleased when her new art teacher Erica wants to try out some rather alternative ideas on the children, while Dr Timoney is involved in a car accident outside the school. Penhale is confused when he is offered a transfer to Exeter, Bert decides to go back to being a handyman, and Louisa and Martin are intrigued when Dr Timoney invites them for an additional therapy session. Plus, an American tourist seeks help from the GP. Comedy drama, with a cameo appearance by Sigourney Weaver.

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9:00pm, Monday, 19 October 2015, ITV

A few times this series we've wondered if Louisa and Martin really need couples therapy. They clearly love each other, they're desperate to make it work and their spats seem tamer than those of a lot of married couples we know! Still, the will-they-won't-they continues and tonight a spanner is thrown into the works when Louisa's obnoxious old flame Danny turns up with a bus full of London school kids. Imagine how thrilled the doc is to see them… Also, Sal is keen to seduce Clive but he seems very reluctant all of a sudden, and preparations are under way for James Henry's first birthday party.
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Tuesday 13 October 2015

Series 7 Episode 6 - Other People's Children

Martin and Louisa don’t seem to be having much success with their therapy, so Dr Timoney (Emily Bevan) advises that they should try and take things back to the beginning of their relationship, and plan a date, and try not to let their busy lives get in the way, even though Louisa is also trying to plan James Henry’s first birthday party.
A last minute request from Danny (Tristan Sturrock), Louisa’s ex-boyfriend, brings him and seven children from London camping on Ruth’s farm, supervised by Al(Joe Absolom) and Bert (Ian McNeice), but they need some children from a local school to show them around: Louisa feels she has to help her old friend out, even though this further adds to her load.  
Martin is not at all pleased when Danny proceeds to try and intervene in their troubled relationship.  
Things are going slightly better for Mrs Tishell (Selina Cadell) and Clive (Malcolm Storry), though Clive worries that he will not be able to keep up, when Mrs. Tishell invites him back into the bedroom, with disastrous consequences. 
Things don’t start off too badly for Martin and Louisa at the restaurant, but when Danny calls saying one of his children, Jake, has gone missing, date night is effectively over.  When they finally find Jake, they also find Bert’s whisky still, and PC Penhale (John Marquez) is keen to lay down the law to Bert. 
Martin and Louisa are left wondering if anything will ever go right for them, when Martin uncovers a health scare at James’s party, that makes all the guests leave very quickly: not even Ruth’s (Dame Eileen Atkins) birthday cake can keep them there.
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