Friday 23 October 2015

Doc Martin's Selina Cadell: 'Mrs Tishell isn't having any of Sigourney Weaver's Cornish roots!'

Monday's Doc Martin (ITV) features one of the most unusual guest star TV appearances ever, when Sigourney Weaver turns up in Portwenn playing a brash American tourist. Her longtime friend, Selina Cadell (who plays Mrs Tishell), explained to TV Times how it came about and where they first met... 

How did you become friends with Sigourney Weaver?
“I met her in 1974 when she came over to visit an American friend who was living over here, who I also knew. We all hung out together, and she had such a ball that she stayed for three months. We were young actresses and spent a lot of time laughing and going to the theatre. We’re very close – we’ve spent Christmas together with our families and we work together a lot – we coach each other on our acting projects.”

How did her Doc Martin cameo come about?
“She knew I was in Doc Martin, but I never asked her to watch it. Suddenly it caught on in America and Sigourney watched it and adored it and when she came over to promote a film in February, by chance she went on The Jonathan Ross Show with Martin Clunes and asked him if she could be in Doc Martin. Then they were both funny about it – neither could believe the other one meant it – and so I brokered the deal.”

What can you tell us about Sigourney’s character?
“She plays a brash American tourist who walks into Mrs Tishell’s tiny chemist, imagining she’s going to get some kind of big welcome because she says she has Cornish roots, but Mrs Tishell isn’t having any of it.”

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