Tuesday 27 October 2015

Series 7 - 8. The Doctor is Out (Same SPOILER content, different SPOILER picture)

Louisa worries Dr Timoney's suggestion that she and Martin aren't meant to be together might have prompted him to leave Portwenn for good. Calling on Ruth, Morwenna and Janice for help, she tries to track the down the missing GP, with no luck. However, what Dr Ellingham's friends and family fail to realise is that he is actually trapped up at the Winton farm, where desperate wife Annie is trying to coerce him into performing a life-saving operation on her terminally ill husband Jim. Meanwhile, Ruth and Bert seek out Al to offer him a proposition regarding the whisky and the B&B. Medical drama, starring Martin Clunes. Last in the series.

Found HERE at RadioTimes.

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  1. Doc shows off his medical skills and saves a life (..yawn..)