Wednesday 28 October 2015

9:00pm, Monday, 2 November 2015, ITV

It's make or break for Portwenn's most meant-to-be couple tonight as they face their future in a tense and gripping episode. Deciding they can't bear another second of couples therapy, Martin and Louisa vow to make a final decision about their relationship over dinner. But a couple of unhinged villagers have other ideas and Martin is held at gunpoint as a worried wife (Gemma Jones) demands a more optimistic prognosis for her terminally ill husband. Clearly Martin is unamused and incredulous. Can he talk some sense into her before Louisa gives up on their marriage? It might be a while till another series of Doc Martin – please give us a happy ending, Mr Clunes!

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  1. Happy ending please. Then when (and if we get season 8) we could have domestic bliss/chaos and possibly another baby?...

  2. title of next episode - Louisa Glasson, rich widow...

  3. The best thing about this series was discovering Caroline Catz. I've bought everything I could of hers on DVD, tried to watch the rest online. I wish they would put more of her early work out and record her stage work on video. I Love Louisa, and hate the pathetic Doc that emerged in series 4.