Saturday 3 October 2015

On the set of ‘Doc Martin 7’, pt 2

When we last left Eric and David’s Excellent Adventure, our public television colleagues had arrived in Port Isaac and begun filming on the forthcoming behind-the-scenes documentary, Doc Martin – Seven Grumpy Seasons, which is set to premiere on public television stations in America this December. If you missed part 1 yesterday, you can catch up here. 

Another Doc Martin Adventure, part 2
By Eric Luskin

As the remainder of the week unfolded we observed filming of a scene outside Doc’s iconic stone house overlooking the harbor (up the hill from the Large restaurant). The shot presented a number of different crowd control and filming issues, especially because it involved the Doc’s car driving up the very, very narrow street. Coordinating the flow of tourists/pedestrians, local trade people, groups of fans who want to watch, and the deployment of an entire film crew on steep, narrow Roscarrock Road is amazing to see. A Doc Martin shooting day can last 12 hours, sometimes more.

Suffice it to say that over the week, the actors and crew worked incredibly hard – and we were with them just about every step of the way. We got to witness a scene being shot about 30 minutes from Port Isaac in a wooded valley with a small stream. All the camera gear, along with fog machines and other support equipment, had to be hand carried down a narrow, slippery, windy, muddy path. Dennis, Pete and Will were representing Team America – there was literally no room for anyone else to be standing around. Wait until you see the footage. It’s awesome.

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  1. love love this show can not wait until they show the new season 7 I'm hooked.