Wednesday 9 September 2015

9:00pm, Monday, 14 September 2015, ITV

With Louisa back in town, can the grumpy GP finally find happiness?

'I think that happiness is overrated,' the Doc (Martin Clunes) tells his relationship therapist, who's surely earning every penny of her fee dealing with the grump. Still, at least Louisa is back and hinting that perhaps the pair could have a future together, but their marriage still looks in need of serious repair. The Doc also has other worries, namely the health of his Aunt Ruth (Eileen Atkins), who he catches buying a load of medicine at the chemists. Meanwhile, Pc Joe is delighted when his new taser gun arrives, although not everyone else is so pleased! Plenty of laughs can be had here, though sadly none for the Doc.

Found HERE at What's on TV.


  1. Laughing out loud at that first line, because my husband also feels that happiness is overrated!

  2. Just wondered what happened to Bert Large's fiance after he got engaged in last series

  3. The Polymyalgia Rheumatica story line is not very accurate.