Sunday, 29 March 2015

Want to be in the new season of ‘Doc Martin’? Better get on a plane ASAP…

...oops, too late...

Calling all Clunatics! How would you like to be an extra in the forthcoming series of Doc Martin?

If so, the good news according to the Cornish Guardian, is that the show’s producers soon will be holding a casting session in the program’s adopted home of Port Isaac. The bad news? It’s this weekend! It will be held in the church hall on Saturday, 7 March, and producers say they are looking for people of all ages and sizes. Something to think about if you are a diehard Doc Martin fan! If you leave today from America, you can be there early Saturday morning and make the train trip to Port Isaac. The down side of being selected is that I’m guessing you’re going to have to have a pretty flexible schedule and be willing to hang around for several months. Given what we have all seen of Port Isaac, I’m thinking this wouldn’t be such a bad place to hang out for months at a time.

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