Sunday, 29 March 2015

Martin Clunes: the 'Clunatics' still love Doc Martin

On Fridays I try and make sure I get home to our farm in west Dorset at all costs. Even when we start filming the next series of Doc Martin down in Cornwall in a few weeks, I’ll be back on Friday night by about 8.30pm. The journey is 100 miles but after six series, I can do it in my sleep now. There’s only one set of traffic lights.
Once home, we roll up the drawbridge, light the fire, have a glass of wine and eat. My wife, Philippa [Braithwaite, producer of Doc Martin], is on the BAFTA jury so we’re currently watching all the latest films at home, which is fantastic. We have a room full of beanbags with a drop-down screen, and all four dogs – the Labrador, Jack Russell, Jackahuahua (the Jack Russell- Chihuahua cross, who can walk under the other Jack Russell) and the eight-month-old cocker spaniel – come to watch with us. I find that a lot more fun than going into Yeovil to the multiplex.

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