Sunday, 29 March 2015

Doc Martin’s Portwenn: New Behind-the-Scenes Special Is Just What the Doctor Ordered for Clunatics

Bit late on this one, sorry!

As filming for Series 7 of Doc Martin gears up, US fans of the hit Brit comedy-drama (a.k.a. Clunatics) can ease the wait for more of our favorite curmudgeonly GP and quirky Portwenn villagers with a new behind-the-scenes special: Doc Martin’s Portwenn.
If you were to host a British TV-themed trivia night, then watching Doc Martin’s Portwenn would give you lots of fun facts with which to stump players and dazzle them with your insider knowledge of the series.

For example, you could ask, “How many toddlers play Martin and Louisa’s son, James?” And “Which item in Dr. Ellingham’s consultation room is a mystery to many viewers?” Plus “Which building used as a set in Doc Martin is actually someone’s summer home?”

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