Sunday 3 May 2015

The Cornish Accent

Doc Martin actress Caroline Catz admitted mastering the Cornish accent was a "massive concern" when she first stepped into her character nearly a decade ago.

Despite being well ahead of the infamous Jamaica Inn mumble-gate affair and without the anxiety that actors on the recent update of Poldark admitted to, Ms Catz said it was still important to get it right.

But she said she was now so comfortable with the accent of her character, feisty Louisa, wife of Martin Clunes' Doc Martin, that she often finds herself lapsing into it when working around Cornwall.

"Whatever you do, if you are taking on an accent you have got to get it right," she said.

Keep reading HERE at the Western Morning News.

Caroline recently attended a Greenpeace event and despite not being strictly Doc Martin related, here are a few photos from the event. Originals/links can be found on Twitter HERE.

You can watch a little video HERE too, if you feel so inclined!

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  1. Very admirable, but, just for a moment, I was hoping that it was a new-look Louisa to get the Doc going!