Saturday 16 May 2015

Fab Fan Photos

Below are some lovely photos from Helen Stewart. I'm so grateful to be able to share them here. :)
Wouldn't it be nice if we saw a smile like that on the Doc this series!?


  1. Hi great photos! Was this Saturday morning? I am staying half hour away but didn't bother visiting as thought no filming takes place on weekends. Though I did see some filming on Thursday. Sadly not lucky enough to meet Martin Clunes & going home tomorrow :(

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  3. He's such a love. How many other stars would take pictures with you like he does.
    He's my favorite actor and I'm really going to miss the series if this is the last one.

  4. Tuesday May 12th about 9 am go early!!!

  5. Many thanks!! I went early afternoon on 14th May so went too late & didn't see 2 main cast members (though saw Selina Cadell and other cast). Did you know in advance? Sadly I am back home in London though planning a visit up there again real soon before it all finishes. You were very lucky to get such great photos!!!

    1. They have filming schedules online...the only strategy I had was to go very early, and move fast, toooooooooooo many people around for small talk. Afternoon meet n greet out of question, it was a they really work hard. Even meeting them feels like you're holding them back, I felt guilty... Ian mcNeice does pictures at the mote almost daily for a lifeboat donation, caroline catz less of a meet n greet'er...I'd say if there's an opportune time early, go for it. But they're totally on the job. Nice, but working. I just got lucky...