Sunday 17 May 2015

At the Scene of “Doc Martin” Series 7 — Part 5 — My Walk-on Part

Here's the next installment of Karen Gilleland's Port Isaac adventure. You can read the whole thing HERE and see a couple more piccies!

Friday dawned cold, wet and windy, but it was my big day for the walk-on part so I was excited. At 8 a.m. my friend drove me to the production offices, where I was treated to breakfast in the trailer with the other extras. I was pleasantly surprised when the two women who’d been so helpful in arranging my visit came down to meet me: Lindsay Sharp and Katie Neal. 

The morning scenes (mine was in the afternoon) featured Dame Eileen Atkins (Aunt Ruth), Martin and Caroline Catz (Louisa).  I didn’t meet Ruth because she was concentrating on her lines, but I did snap a photo. The action took place inside a shop that the crew had converted into a cafe.

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