Tuesday 4 August 2015

An appointment with Doc Martin in Cornwall

Steve McKenna joins a tour in the quaint Cornish coastal town of Port Issac, the setting for a popular TV show.

Call me old-fashioned — or worse — but I’m not a big fan of sat nav. I prefer to drive without an automated voice telling me to turn this way and that. And for the past week, I’ve enjoyed a delightful, sat nav- less road trip around Cornwall — England’s most scenic region, I’d say. I’ve found that a bit of map scouring prior to the day’s journey — and keeping a lookout for signposts en route — usually gets me from A to B, no worries.

It’s a bit different today, though. After taking a wrong turn somewhere, I’m lost in a tangle of serpentine country lanes — the kind where you dread turning a corner and coming face-to-face with a clunking tractor. The landscape is all undulating fields: some planted with vegetable crops, others layered in lush grass and munching cattle. Every mile or so, I come to a tiny village — say, St Teath or Pendoggett — and look out of my window, hoping for a sign. Preferably a sign that says “Port Isaac”. Eventually, I find one and I arrive in this snug seaside village only 30 minutes late for my walking tour.

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