Tuesday 2 June 2015

Why!? (Read in Doc Martin's voice after Louisa tells him he has to want to be nice in Series 3)

Hit British Series ‘Doc Martin’ Getting U.S. Adaptation By Marta Kauffman & Electus


Picture Source: ITV.com

ElectusBen Silverman has teamed with Grace And Frankie creator Marta Kauffman to adapt the popular ITV medical dramedy series Doc Martin for the U.S. market. Produced in the U.K. by Buffalo Pictures in association with HomeRun Productions, Doc Martin centers on successful surgeon Dr. Martin Ellingham, who abruptly leaves his London practice to become general practitioner in the sleepy fishing village of Portwenn, where he spent the holidays during his youth with his loving aunt. But, in the vein of Dr. House, his unique and uncomfortable style immediately rub the locals the wrong way, and once they get a load of his abrasive attitude and lack of bedside manner, he quickly alienates most of the townsfolk.

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  1. WHY is correct! There's only one Doc Martin. Cannot believe BP would sell out to Americans. It's uniquely British and can only really be done in Cornwall with Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz and cast.

  2. WHY is right. It is uniquely British and we do not need an American version. I love it as is, the cast is perfect, Port Issac is perfect and who could take the place of Martin Clunes and the lovely Caroline Catz? Why? and Oh, NO!! NO! NO!

  3. Agreed..........don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I won't watch it. I can't imagine that anyone who loves the original will. There is no Doc for me but Martin.

  5. Why not? It will be made specifically for a US audience and no doubt will be written, leaving plenty of room for that wonderful, humorous inciteful detailed analysis of the Doc's behaviour for which our US friends are renowned, but which the British writers never thought of.

    1. I know I don't want a humorous inciteful detailed analysis of the Doc's behaviour. That is probably the reason I watch more Brit TV than I do my own. The British writers and BP must have thought this out carefully. When the episode is over you are left wanting more and wondering what Martin was thinking and what and why Louisa was upset and what the next episode will bring. I don't remember the last time an American show had that effect. I can't imagine a better cast to play these characters, so getting someone to replace them will be problematic.

  6. "Why?" is exactly the point!!! WHY???? sheesh... stoopidest thing I've heard in a long, long time

  7. There is only one Doc Martin, the U S will turn it into trash, and BP will regret this deal. They will trash the show