Tuesday 23 June 2015

Walk on Part

Below is an excerpt from Doc Martin Lover's blog, about her walk on part! You can read the whole story HERE.

My adventure with getting a walk-on part on “Doc Martin” began in March, 2014 when I bid on it. The Haven breast cancer charity had offered three items donated by Martin Clunes for auction so that they could raise money to help those in need pay for their program. The three items were a blue suit worn by Martin Clunes during DM, a two night stay at The Bay Hotel B&B in Port Isaac, or a walk-on part. I had no interest in the other items and set the max I was willing to pay for the walk-on part. Then I waited until the last day of the auction. My daughter told me that nothing ever happens online until the last day of bidding. I actually couldn’t wait until the last minute after all because I was visiting my mother in NY and had to get to the airport. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry because after bidding a couple of times and receiving responses that I had been outbid, I went to my max and quickly got an email saying I had won. That was followed by a letter from The Haven telling me it was their first time running this sort of event and they had raised enough money to ensure that “5 Visitors and their families can benefit from our vital services.” Unfortunately, I have had far too many friends who have dealt with breast cancer; however, that made me feel good about giving to this charity.

I also received a letter on Buffalo Pictures letterhead and signed by Martin Clunes to confirm my award and was told on this letter to contact Philippa Braithwaite at her email address. I had a brief mixup when the email address they sent me turned out to have been changed, but it all ended well.

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